We want you to follow the instructions on the care label for each product. Care labels are typically found inside of the product. If you can’t see it, look again. If you still can’t see it, contact us at



  • After every ride, empty the pack completely and brush clean soiled areas with soapy water

  • Never put your pack into a washing machine or dryer, this damages the PU coating

  • The pack fabrics can’t be ironed

  • Zippers must be kept clean

  • To store: close the pack and keep it in a dry, well ventilated place

  • We recommend you to follow the instructions on the care label for each product. Care labels are typically found inside of the product



The best way to keep your bladder in top-notch shape is to clean it with soap and water and let it dry completely after every use. Feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team if you have any questions at

The Shape-Shift™ and Elite™ bladders are especially easy to clean because they’re reversible! They are also dishwasher (top-shelf only) friendly. Follow these steps for a carefree reservoir: *Not for our Disposable™ bladders.



Reverse by placing your hand in the bladder, grab the bottom, and pull it back through the top opening, just like turning a sock inside-out. The molded opening can also be flipped after the bladder body has been reversed. Then, throw it in the dishwasher or rinse with mild soap and water. Make sure to let the bladder dry out completely while reversed.



The Shape-Shift features a removable baffle which locks for a slim profile and increased stabilization. When unlocked it reverses for easy cleaning - place it on the top-shelf of your dishwasher or rinse with mild soap and water. Make sure to let the bladder dry out completely while reversed.



On some products we use a fixed baffle bladder called the Shape-Loc. It can only be reversed up until the baffle is exposed but is still simple to clean. We recommend either using a bottle brush or Bottle Bright.


Method One - Fill your bladder with warm water and use a bottle brush along with mild soap to scrub it clean. Rinse well and hang it upside down to dry.


Method Two - Fill your bladder with warm water and drop in one or two Bottle Bright tablets, slide the top close and let sit for fifteen to thirty minutes (depending on the amount of residue). Rinse and hang upside down to dry.



The following information is recommended by the manufacturer (Hydrapak). Read the full support thread here.


All of our components are removable for easy cleaning:


  • Disconnect the drink tube from the bladder.
  • Grasp the bite valve in one hand and tube in the other then pull the valve firmly to remove the bite valve from the tube.
  • Gently remove the silicone sheath from the valve and clean with Bottle Bright or mild soap and water.
  • Clean the inside of the tube by inserting the Hydrapak Tube Brush in the open end of the tube and scrub.
  • After drying the components, carefully reattach the sheath to the valve and re-install.



  • Bladders used only with water can be reused number of times, just drain all remaining water and clean the bladder with mild soap and water
  • Let the bladder dry out completely while hanging/standing with the cap at the bottom
  • Bladders that have been filled with liquids other than water, should be replaced after each use due to the risk of bacterial growth inside the bladder
  • Bladders that’s worn out should be replaced with a new fresh refill bladder

Our disposable bladders are manufactured in a strong plastic-foil which are recyclable and BPA-free and approved for food-stuffs.


BPA Free hydration systems Recycable hydration systems Freezable hydration systems Food and beverage approved hydration systems



The material used in most our bladders, Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), is chosen for superior durability and flexibility. It is porous and can be stained like fabric. Staining is generally caused by food coloring used in gel or liquids and does not affect the functionality of the product; yet can be difficult to remove. A company called Clean Ethics has engineered a chlorine free, non-toxic, and biodegradable tablet that is safe for virtually any surface, called Bottle Bright. We recommend using this product to combat stains and odors in your bladder.



Some users may initially notice a plastic-like taste when using any of our products made with TPU. This taste typically subsides over time and can be eliminated by simply squeezing juice from a lemon into the product, filling it with water, and then freezing it. After frozen, remove, thaw, and rinse.


If you have any other product care questions you can contact us via e-mail: