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Singletrack Magazine Product Of The Year

The USWE Airborne 2 have been announced as the Editors Pick Product Of The Year by Singletrack Magazine for 2017. It's slim shape and lightweight materials and cutting edge features were noticed and appriciated by the Magazine and writer landing the pack on the Product Of The Year list.

USWE Airborne 2

I don’t like riding packs… Who does? They’re big, clumsy and get in the way. Yes, I appreciate the need for them at times – big days out in the hills and for any genuine mountain adventure they’re certainly needed for food, hip flasks, spares, jackets, etc. But 90% of my riding isn’t in the mountains or the middle of nowhere – it’s on my local hill where I can practically see my house, or it’s one descent from a pub. Even with a lot of my day-to-day riding being so close to civilisation, I still want to be able to carry a drink and the essential mobile phone for when disaster strikes.

Enter the USWE Airborne 2. It’s basically a small 2L pack for carrying water and not much else. It’s lightweight (just 314g), with a 1.5L bladder and a small phone pocket, and that’s about it. There are hi-vis reflective patches and twin ports for the hose so it can be routed either side, but the main thing point for me is the fit. It uses USWE’s ‘No Dancing Monkey’ harness design and sits high up on your back between your shoulder blades. Even fully laden with phone and water it’s barely noticeable when riding up or down, with the crossover harness doing a great job of keeping it in place. It actually fits that well and is that unnoticeable that I’ve not even been taking it off when sessioning local downhill tracks or digging in the woods where I’d usually abandon all but the essentials. It’s not the biggest (although I did manage to force a gilet in it one day after mistrusting the weather forecast), nor is it overly featured (the phone pocket isn’t even waterproof), but for me it’s the perfect pack for 90% of my riding.


USWE official hydration pack supplier for VASALOPPET

USWE becomes the official hydration pack supplier for Vasaloppet the coming next three years. - Joining as an official supplier for Vasaloppet is an important step with our new focus at the nordic market. Vasaloppet has great tradition and pulls thousands of nordic and international particapants in nordic skiing, mountain biking and ultra running, which fits us perfect, says Per-Ola Ovin, CEO at USWE Sports AB.

USWE Airborne 15 winner of DI.A Design & Innovation Award 2017

When USWE Airborne 15 won the DI.A Design & Innovation Award 2017 part of the Jury verdict was:
-Relying on the brand’s innovative ‘No Dancing Monkey’ carrying system, the USWE AIRBORNE stays firmly on the rider’s back no matter how burly the trails are. With a ton of fine-tuning options for the fit, the AIRBORNE is capable of conforming to  the whole spectrum of physiques.

USWE Scrambler 16 winner of DI.A Design & Innovation Award 2017

The SUV among urban riding backpacks, the USWE SCRAMBLER is a high quality 16 litre backpack that teams traditional materials and an achingly hip look with a performance that was previously only found on purebred outdoor sports backpacks.


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