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Scrambler 16

Scrambler 16

The Scrambler is worn with a perfect fit, for the subway, for the bike or just for the walk. If you need to dash off in a second, just secure the pack on your chest and it will take off along with you, totally bounce free. The award winning design includes all the storage you need for a medium sized pack.  Wear it to work, for a walk, for the ride, wear it every day.

Combines Style and Performance

This city pack can be described as the “ultimate backpack for everyone who’s keen to profit from performance and aesthetics on a daily basis”. It’s for the people who want the look and the feel. It’s for modern people of the modern world. Active, aware and always with the right look. This pack gives you the look and combines it with performance previously only found on outdoor backpacks.

The NDM System

The Scrambler is built on the patented NDM™ carrying system from USWE. The NDM has been proven for years on sports packs, but the Scrambler is the first city pack to benefit from this system. Small tweaks are made for the Scrambler to make it perform and not only to look good.

The stretch on the carrying system, the ventilation on the back, the NDM attachment on the chests – these are all features for comfort, but well merged into the overall design.

How to use the Scrambler

The main compartment is suitable for a 13” MacBook with accessories. The wide opening also gives you storage for your other essentials. The leather mark on the back is preferably used as an attachment point for a rear bike light. If not, the openings reveals a reflective area and makes you visible anyway.

We are using the smaller compartment to secure the wallet (zipper storage), the phone and power bank (protected from wet conditions) and an umbrella and sunglasses (rarely at the same time…). USWE is also providing a phone pocket for the front straps (not included). The phone pocket is compatible for the Scrambler and can easily be attached and removed.

The Details

The stretch of the side straps (to the left) is partly hidden in the shell of the pack. This makes the stretch work to the full potential, but also assures the look. The leather ends of the chest straps (upper right) are used when adjusting the size of the pack. The reflective area… yeah, you know what it’s used for! The aluminium buckle makes the pack secured when you need the it to be totally bounce free.


In 2017 the Scrambler won the Design and Innovation award.

” In short: the brand have crafted the ultimate backpack for everyone who’s keen to profit from performance and aesthetics on a daily basis.”

We are proud to win awards for our design, but we are most proud of the increasing number of satisfied customers, that gives us credit for making the best packs out there. A big thank you to all of the USWE users around the globe!


⦁ 16L cargo capacity

⦁ PATENTED NDM™ harness technology with aluminium tension hook

⦁ Canvas™ and leather materials

⦁ Internal key attachment clip and pocket

⦁ Organizer compartment (wide opening)

⦁ Water resistant smartphone pocket

⦁ LED bike light attachment point

⦁ Reflective points front and back

⦁ Multi size adjustable: M-XL (Approx. Chest 84-110cm)

⦁ Unisex fit

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