Different parts of the world tackle the COVID-19 pandemic with different approaches. Many countries encourage people to use the bike for transportation in favor of public transportation like busses and the subway. This move to biking and e-biking is definitely something we would like to support at USWE and something we would like to contribute to.



In several European countries governments are supporting bike renovations with direct funding and some cities are making dedicated lanes only for bikes.


In reflection of the increasing number of commute bikers we can also see an increasing demand for bringing stuff in a good backpack. At USWE our focus is to design backpacks with a perfect fit. This is our approach for racing as well as for the backpacks that we design for everyday life.



As a contribution to the growing community of bikers we´d like to offer a special deal on a few of our commute backpacks. We've collected the packs at this web page and we hope that you will find your favorite pack for your everyday ride.