USWE is known for award winning backpacks for core mountain bikers, enduro riders, trail runners and skiers. This winter we are growing our range and are entering the outdoor market with bigger backpacks. We are taking all the good things about our smaller packs, including the No Dancing Monkey™ harness technology, into bigger packs. For dedicated USWE fans, you all know what its all about. For all newbies, please enjoy your first time USWE experience. 




When we decided to size up and do bigger adventure/speed hiking backpacks for winter conditions, we didn't save on anything. Our starting point was to develop a backpack platform for the most challenging adventures. Actually... we think we nailed it! The HAJKER™ Winter packs are waterproof, lightweight, compressible, Thermo Cell™ insulated and No Dancing Monkey™harness system equipped. They include an ergonomic waist support belt that also can be used separately on its own, a size adjustable backpanel, a tool/gearpocket, helmet holder, two quick stash pockets, a generous hidden zippered safety pocket, two side zippered pockets, compressions system, innovative rolltop bungy click in design, and the best fit on the market.





We have been developing and testing the ideas for the HAJKER™series in the toughest conditions in the world with great success. Last year USWE Adventure Team wont the Adventure Racing World Series with a prototype pack. So its truly adventure proven already before the release. The HAJKER™ packs are designed for Speed Hiking, Running,Mountain Biking,Skiing, Snowboarding, XCskiing, and of caurse Adventure Racing. Pretty much anything you enjoy too do in the outdoors.





Our smaller packs are famous for the No Dancing Monkey™ harness system that makes the packs totally bounce free. We certenly didn’t want to disappoint anyone when we redesigned the NDM™ technologyfor ourbigger packs. The harness buckles up in the middle of your chest and is easy adjustable with a perfectly loaded stretch webbing. The NDM™ 2.1 system can also be adjusted in the back by pushing the back panel up and down including torso sizes from 41 to 55cm(length).


Size Guide Hajker Front
Size Guide Hajker Front




Our NDM™harness makes the smaller packs sit snug without the need of a waist belt. However, when the packs get bigger there are times when you need to secure the lower part of the pack with a waist support belt. Still there are times when you don't need it and maybe don't want it. That’s why we decided to do both. When running, hiking and skiing we recommend to fit the waist belt tight on your hips, assisting to carry the load. However, when mountain biking there are times when you just don't want a waist belt. As the NDM™ harness itself holds the bag super tight on your body, you can choose to take off the waist belt when pedaling. Another super cool thing is that we included a gel/food stash pocket in the back of the waist belt that makes the belt a product on its own. It can be used with the backpack or separately without it, just like a hip-pack.





We included two stash pockets on the sides of the pack to carry bottles or wet clothing. We also added a helmet carry system which are stored in the bottom zippered pocket. We considered hiding the bottom pocket, but instead we highlighted the zipper. Use it for your tools or just store your helmet carrier in the pocket. The two side pockets are intended to be used with quick access items, like a first aid kit or a head light. They are easy to access and water resistant. However for gear/equipment that must be stored waterproofed, we recommend the waterproof main compartment.



The idea of the zippered pocket behind the back plate is for the essentials that you really don't want to store with other stuff. Passport, ID card, credit cards perfectly stored by its own in this generously big pocket. If you store them at this place you will not accidentally lose them when reaching for other gear.


The mesh pocket on the back of the waist belt is only intended to be used when you are using the waist belt on its own. The two zippered pockets att he front of the belt is however to be used all the time. Use them for snacks, your phone or anything else you’d like to access when using the pack. Note that the design makes the hipbelt breathable also when the pockets are full...Its a small feature, but much appreciated.


The main compartment is just a main compartment. It comes with 100% taped seems and the inner bag is protected by the outer shell of the bag. This makes the inner bag waterproof, but... as this is not a kayak bag. You should still never keep the backpack directly in water. It's not made of rubber or wax (as it would not be suited for the intended adventures). The inner bag has a waterproof rating of 10000mm and together with the outer bag it will keep your load dry even during a shorter swim (preferably not in wintertime).




The recommendation for these pack is to use a 3.0L USWE hydration bladder (not included with the pack). The bladder is placed in an insulated hydration bladder sleeve (included with the pack) that prevents the fluids from freezing. The sleeve also holds the bladder in place while moving. The bladder sleeve s placed in a separate space between the backplate and the bag for easy access even when the bag is fully loaded. The shape of the bag allows the bladder to expand into the actual bag instead of pushing in the back of the user. The Thermo Cell™ insulation technology encapsulates the heat from physical activity in an insulated air pocket on the shoulders straps of the pack, that protects the drink tube from freezing even in the most extreme winter conditions. The technology has been successfully tested in -26 °C / -15 °F cold temperature, with a final result measured at +19 °C / +56°F inside the Thermo Cell™ pocket where the hydration tube was stored.







The major difference between the packs is the outer fabric and the inner bag. On the HAJKER™ we are using a water repellant backpack fabric with an inner waterproof bag set up with 100% taped seems.

This is a design where we can provide a waterproof bag and a perfect adjustable fit pack with organized storage. Most rolltops are only providing the waterproof storage.... Still we made a PRO version. With the PRO,we took one of the most durable, lightweight fabric on the market (ROBIC EXTREEMA™) and used it as the outer fabric. The fabric is extremely durable and lightweight (expensive = YES!). It’s white because the fibers are white, but we think of it as a PRO white fabric. For the PRO, we also made an option to save some extra weight. The inner bag (still waterproof and 100% taped seems) is removable. When you want to go minimalistic and superlight, just remove it! If you want the best of the best, choose HAJKER™ PRO.



ATTENTION: In spring 2021 we will introduce the summer version of the NDM™ 2.1 harness for the HAJKER™ packs. This means that you’ll be able to upgrade your HAJKER™ Winter pack into a 4-season pack including 1x winter harness and 1x summer harness.